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Pilates Instructor

Sarah’s initial introduction to Pilates was on the recommendation of her osteopath to address non-specific lower back pain. Through learning the correct techniques of strengthening, mobilising and focusing on good posture and proper breathing, Sarah became pain free. She also became inspired and Pilates became her passion.  Constantly wanting to expand her knowledge, she completed her mat training in 2005 with Body Control and gained full Studio Certification at Pilates off The Square. She is also a Level 4 Back Care specialist.

Sarah’s fascination in movement and curiosity and drive to expand her understanding has led to her attending professional development courses in Special Populations, Pre and Post-Natal and Back Care. She is currently exploring Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation and Anatomy In Motion Gait Analysis.

She loves working with people and is deeply committed to progressing and empowering her clients to move well and to feel better and stronger within themselves.


Body Control Level 3 Matwork Teacher Certification 2005

Pre & Post Natal Certification 2007

Gordon Thompson Reformer Certification 2011

Body Control Level 4 Back Care Certification 2012

Pilates Off the Square Full Comprehensive Studio Equipment Certification 2012 

Specific population courses include: Osteoporosis, Hypermobility, Senior courses and Pilates for Men

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Pilates Instructor

Roland discovered Pilates when he had a rotator cuff injury and had a successful recovery. He had been a personal trainer for some years beforehand, and wanted to learn more about the body, and how to return to health, and bring people back from injury. Roland also loved the strength that it gave him which really helped with his martial arts passion, and Brazilian jiu jitsu competitions. Pilates movements seemed natural and functional to him, pleasing to perform and he knew he had found something that would be with him for the rest of his days. He is very much into functional anatomy and movement, biomechanics and imagery


Sports Massage therapist with Premier 2006
Personal Training with Premier 2006

Pilates studio Certification with Polestar 2013

Franklin Method Level 1 with Franklin Institute 2015

Roland is at Knebworth Health & Wellbeing on Tuesday evenings.

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Pilates Instructor

Clair first found Pilates following a back injury and went to regular classes as a client for many years. As a former gymnast she loved how Pilates felt in her body, and after having kids she decided to career change from TV producer to Pilates teacher. Her first training was with Stott Pilates 2014 and in 2018 she bridged with Pi studios in Battersea and completed her fully comprehensive classical training across all the Pilates apparatus. Clair is also pre & postnatal trained with Carolyn Anthony, The Center for Women’s Fitness

Carolyn Antony The Centre for Women’s Health
Pre and post natal specialist 2015
Diastasis recti, C-section and pubis symphysis derangement
Fitness freestyle yoga 2015

Stott Pilates level 3 at OneKX, London 2015
Full comprehensive classical Pilates certification at Pi Studios, London 2018

Speciality courses include; Osteoporosis, Back care, Injuries & issues

Clair is at Knebworth Health & Wellbeing throughout the day on Wednesdays