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Pilates Instuctor

Sarah’s initial introduction to Pilates was on the recommendation of her osteopath to address non-specific lower back pain. Through learning the correct techniques of strengthening, mobilising and focusing on good posture and proper breathing, Sarah became pain free. She also became inspired and Pilates became her passion.  Constantly wanting to expand her knowledge, she completed her mat training in 2005 with Body Control and gained full Studio Certification at Pilates off The Square. She is also a Level 4 Back Care specialist.

Sarah’s fascination in movement and curiosity and drive to expand her understanding has led to her attending professional development courses in Special Populations, Pre and Post-Natal and Back Care. She is currently exploring Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation and Anatomy In Motion Gait Analysis.

She loves working with people and is deeply committed to progressing and empowering her clients to move well and to feel better and stronger within themselves.


Body Control Level 3 Matwork Teacher Certification 2005

Pre & Post Natal Certification 2007

Gordon Thompson Reformer Certification 2011

Body Control Level 4 Back Care Certification 2012

Pilates Off the Square Full Comprehensive Studio Equipment Certification 2012 

Specific population courses include: Osteoporosis, Hypermobility, Senior courses and Pilates for Men



Pilates Instructor

Jon has been teaching Pilates since 2015 and is also currently a sports coach for Stevenage FC.

After many years of being a professional football player, Jon understands the pressure that both competitive sport and everyday life can place upon your body. Pilates has helped Jon not only recover from various football-related injuries but has helped him to return a stronger, more mobile and better conditioned athlete.

“I have increased the flexibility of my muscles, improved the mobility of my joints and overall my body is stronger and more able to move in the way that I want it to.” Jon’s only wish was that he had discovered Pilates sooner, which is why he became an instructor! 

Jon loves working with the Reformer equipment, especially with Runners, Golfers and any sports enthusiasts. If you have any goal that you want to reach, couch to 5k, recovery after an injury or op, any sports related goal, whatever it is ... Jon is your man! 

However, Jon’s range of expertise is not just for the athlete! With the superb training as a Body Control teacher, Jon can teach beginners and people from all sectors and backgrounds, any ages, injuries and rehabilitation.

Jon is at Knebworth Health & Wellbeing every THURSDAY and is available MONDAY & THURSDAY evenings too! 


Body Control Level 3 Matwork Teacher Certification 2015

Body Control Reformer Certification 2017

Speciality courses: Golfers; Runners; Performance